Album review: Sean Garrett - Turbo 919

Album review: Sean Garrett - Turbo 919Some of you have heard songs that have the line "Hear a smash on da radio bet I penned it" spoken at the start and may (or may not) have wondered who the hell it is. Well, that man is Sean Garrett. He is responsible for writing many singles over the past 3 years. Destiny's child's "Lose my breath", Chris Brown's "Wall to wall" and Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever U like" to name a select few. As is the way, after spending much of his time behind the scenes, he's decided to go it alone as a solo artist, with his debut album Turbo 919.

First thing's first. Whilst Sean Garrett can hold a song, he has an incredibly annoying voice. He ranks up there with T-Pain in the annoyance stakes. Despite seeming like a multi faceted artist, he is one dimensional. And as if the songs he writes and produces for other artists didn't highlight this enough: his album does a more than stellar job. Turbo 919 is 12 tracks of badly sung songs about a girl who can work it in the bedroom and nothing more. The beats on every song are tight, but Sean Garrett's lyrics and vocals ruin the songs. "Grippin" is a song that should've been given to T-Pain. Say what you will about the n***a from the black lagoon, but T-Pain has that studio swagger that can really make a song. He would've shut it down "Grippin'". "Girlfriend ringtone" is a hot Summer jam with a nice bounce. But Sean Garrett laces the song with forgettable lyrics and Lil' Wayne contributes one of his chest infected raps, which does nothing for me. "Lay under me" has Stargate dropping a killer Michael Jackson style groove. But Sean Garrett makes a shambles of the beat with his 1, 2 attack: Bad vocals, forgettable lyrics. "Turbo 919" is a pop record that comes courtesy of Bloodshy and Avant. The beat gurgles along with Bloodshy & Avants signature synths and pulses. It's a hot song that would make a great single. Even if it does bare resemblances to Britney's "Toy soldiers" (a song which he wrote for Britney and was also produced by Bloodshy & Avant).

Turbo 919 isn't a terrible album, but it lacks impact. Sean Garrett has such an annoying voice that listening to the songs feels like torture. Also, the albums subject matter wears thin quickly. 12 songs about a fine girl who needs to get f**ked is okay for one or two songs. But when you have to listen to what are essentially the same songs sung over different beats that aren't all that varied, it grows old quickly. Sean Garrett doesn't bring anything to the table that would enable him to have a long lasting career as a solo artist. He needs to stay behind the scenes writing songs. It'd help if his songs were actually decent - seeing how the shit he gave Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown and Nicole Sherzinger as lead singles had their shit stall at the bottom end of the charts.

Sean Garrett needs to keep his block head behind the studio boards and save solo artistry for dudes who can actually sing and bring something substantial to the table.

Album highlights:
■ Girlfriend ringtone
■ Turbo 919 J's fave
■ Lay up under me
■ 6 in the morning


  1. If one more damn Ninja Turtle come out with an album, I swear.


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