BET awards '08 performances

BET awards '08The BET awards '08 took place last night and you know what? They weren't that bad! They certainly managed to step it up, all thanks in part to a bevy of cool performances. Check 'em all out after the jump!

Usher - Love in the club

As with the video to "Love in the club", Usher stays dancing to the song like he doesn't care and his heart ain't in it. The moves were precise, fresh and effortless: just what you'd expect from Usher. But his performance just didn't engage me all that much. He's still a bad ass dancer though and the dude has mad swagger on stage. Even when he's performing by numbers and going through the motions, he's still shitting on other dudes. You'd think I'd be sick of "Love in the club" by now, but I stay loving it. It's the one song I can rely on to have me act more of a fool than usual in a club or at a party.

Alicia Keys - Teenage love affair (featuring SWV, En Vogue & TLC)

Alicia's performance was cool, but nothing amazing. Seeing SMV, En Vogue and TLC was a nice lil' surprise, but it felt a bit much. Plus it didn't help that they all sounded like shit and looked like they were struggling to walk down a flight of steps. I could barely hear Coko, one of the ladies from En Vogue wasn't even singing into her microphone and T-Boz sounded more terrible than she usually does. I actually felt concerned for T-Boz. She should've stayed at home with a cup of Milo. For what the whole performance was it was cool. But I would've preferred a bangin' rendition of "Teenage love affair" backed by a live orchestra with a killer horn section and nothing else. I think the 90's R&B group tribute would've been better if it was all about the groups and not fronted by Alicia (as much as I love her). Even to have Destiny's child kick it off would've been better. At least there's some connection - plus it serves as lesson to the younger generation who perhaps didn't know who came before DC and who paved the way for them.

Chris Brown - With you / Take you down (featuring Ciara)

Chris Brown's performance was the SHAT because of my girl Ciara. When I saw her name scroll down the screen on the stage and saw her walk out with her fine ass self I was screaming like a BITCH! She just cemented why she's the baddest chick in the game when it comes to the dancing. That routine at the end with Chris was ridiculous. Only Ciara could pull that shit off. She moves so fluid and effortlessly. She made Chris Brown's performance in my opinion. I wasn't feeling any part of it until Ciara came onto the stage. I love how they shot to Rihanna. Bitch wishes she could move how Ciara does. Speaking of Rihanna and her forehead...

Rihanna - Take a bow

Damn right the bitch best ask for a round of applause, because she wouldn't get one otherwise. Vocally she was on point - there's no disputing that. But she had zero stage prescence. All she did was look like a rude girl at the end of each line and pushed the microphone stand to the side. They may as well have projected a JPEG of Rihanna's forehead whilst the song played. It would've been just as entertaining as watching Rihanna try to perform that boring ass song. You'd certainly be hard pressed to tell the difference. She could've at least done "Disturbia". At least that shit has some bounce. Or even bring on Maroon 5 and do "If I never see your face again". Maroon 5 ain't R&B enough for BET, but neither is Madonna, so who gives a f**k?!

There were several other performances at the BET awards, but I can't be bothered to post them all. I just went with the ones that caught my attention. If you wanna check those out, then hit the links below.

Keyshia Cole featuring Lil' Kim | Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West
Ne-Yo | T-Pain | Nelly featuring Jermaine Dupri, Ciara & Fergie | Lil' Wayne


  1. Ciara looked so damn delicious when she came out!!!

    That little movie where CB lifted her up with his leg was the shit!

    Usher didn't impress me at all. I'm sick of the song, the dance moves, while on point, weren't exciting, and he was lip syncing.

    And you continue to crack me up with all the Rhianna hate!!! She seems to have gotten better vocally though, but I agree, boring.

    And I gotta say that "Teenage love affair" is not a good song for Alicia to sing live since she's not a good live singer. All that damn screamin'!

  2. "And I gotta say that "Teenage love affair" is not a good song for Alicia to sing live since she's not a good live singer."

    Your hearing is f**king up again. First Brandy is mumbling and now Alicia can't sing good live. You need to go see a doctor. *lol*

    Some performances of hers are better than others, but no way is she not a good live singer. When "No one" first came out I thought Alicia's voice was iffy. But then she performed it live and bitch was sounding better than on the CD and hitting notes pitch perfect! She performs better when her ass is sat at a piano and not try'na move. When she tries to move and shit her vocals can waver, but even on an bad day Alicia sounds good.

    When I think of somebody who is not a good live singer, I think of Cassie, Mariah Carey (now), Britney Spears - I wouldn't put Alicia in the same bracket as any of those chicks. Her screaming a couple of notes doesn't make her a bad live singer. At the very least, at least she screams on key and goes for the notes, unlike Mariah. Bitch be ducking out of notes at every oppurtunity and can't even sing "Touch my body" without sounding a mess.

  3. LOL, my hearing is not f**king up! I just think sometimes when I hear her sing live, it's kind of grating. There are a lot of high notes in "Teenage Love Affair", and moving around while singing it didn't sound that great to me. But I love that song!

    And ROLMAO @ "at least she screams on key"!

    I don't think Britney has ever actually "sang" live. lol


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