Bonus material: Brandy - Escape

Bonuses & B-sides: Brandy - EscapeKiley Dean's version of this song hit the web 3 years ago. And from back then I always thought it sounded Brandy-esque and that she must've had something to do with it on some level - especially considering her ex-husband Robert Smith produced the song. Well, I'm not sure what the deal was in terms of who recorded the song first: Kiley or Brandy - but Brandy's version is now available in full. I always thought that Brandy recorded it first for either her Full moon or Afrodisiac album, then scrapped the song because her relationship with the producer turned to shit; and therefore Kiley ended up with the song. But the beat in Brandy's version sounds much more complete than Kiley's...

Check it out: Brandy - Escape
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I love Brandy, but I think Kiley did the song better. Brandy's vocals are too muted and over layered in places. I love the little additions to the beat over Kiley's version - but in terms of emotiveness and vocals, Kiley came better. Still, it's always good to hear something from Brandy. Had I not heard Kiley's version, I'd think Brandy's was the best thing ever.

For those who haven't heard Kiley's version, you can check it out here.


  1. Good post J, and that picture is smokin'!

    I'm SO glad you agree that Kiley's version is better. I argued with a couple people on youtube who thought I was crazy to ever say that Kiley's version is better than Brandy's.

    Like you said, I just feel more out of Kiley's voice on this track than I do Brandy's. It's obvious I love Brandy, but Kiley shut this song down!

    That's my girl! (from Arkansas! :D)

  2. I love Brandy. But before I was even half way through listening to her version of "Escape" I was thinking that Kiley came better on hers.

  3. Yeah, actually the second I heard Brandy's voice on the "I'm lookin' for salvation..." line, I knew Kiley's was better.

    It's kind of weird, but usually the layering in Brandy's songs sounds so hot and perfect, but for this song it just didn't work for me.

  4. I like what Im hearing so far. i dont know Kiley's versions..soo..lool

    I just love brandy

  5. You should check it out Ralph. I've updated the post with a link to Kiley Dean's version. I love Brandy, but Kiley Dean's version is much, much better because she sells the song so much better vocally.


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