Bonus material: Rihanna - Disturbia

Rihanna - DisturbiaForehead Fenty is set to re-release her third studio album Good girl gone bad: Reloaded on June 12 and this right here is a new track featured on it. I don't usually put up download links, but I can't stand Rihanna that much, that I'm a put the link up stone cold.

Check it out: Rihanna - Disturbia
Good girl gone bad: Reloaded
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As with "Take a bow", it's nowhere near as good as anything on the original release of Good girl gone bad. Her studio vocal swagger is improving, I'll give her that. But the bitch still annoys me something chronic and the song is still garbage. The hook is not catchy and the lyrics are bullshit. Had a chick like Keri Hilson gotten a hold of this beat you just know she would've laced it correctly, came right with the lyrics and made this song hot. But as it is it's doing nothing for me. It just flatlines.

I'm tired of vocoders and auto tuners. Can nobody record a song without them these days?

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