Danja to work with Pink, Brandy and Britney (again!)

Danja in the studioDanja recently posted a bulletin on his myspace, informing fans that he's working on material for a couple of high profile ladies - in a bid to continue f**king up Timbaland's career.
i got some heat for britney spears...shhhhhhh!! i been grinding!!! brandy....tip...pink....ciara! got the new missy single ''bes bes'' tip ''no matter what'' cassie '' official girl'' and more to come.....hope u all seen the billboard cover! a definate proud moment for me!! but if u know me @ all u would that doesnt mean anything cuz i feel like i havent done a thing yet!!!
I'm stoked about this! You couldn't have 3 ladies so different in style work with anybody hotter.

Danja working with Britney is a good look. But he is going to have to come different from how he came on Blackout - because Britney seems to be working on her new album with all the same producers she did on her last (Jim Beanz, the vocal producer on all of the Danja produced Blackout joints has also confirmed working on Britney's new album). As hot as Blackout was, people will be quick to dismiss a part 2 of it. Danja gave Britney some of his hottest beats and they were all pretty much wasted. I'm upset at how "Gimme more" wasn't set off like it should've been, because that song was hot and I still play the shit out of it now. And "Get back" got relegated to a Japanese bonus track like it wasn't the shit. I hope Danja makes sure Jive and Britney are in a position to roll out correctly before he submits them any songs. It'd be a shame to see another bunch of solid Danja joints go to complete waste.

Pink's albums have flown close under the radar ever since the mammoth success of Missundaztood. I'm hoping Danja will do something about that, because I've always liked Pink and own 3 her albums. He did a great job working the rock 'n alternative angle on Duran Duran's Red carpet massacre. So hearing that vibe with a strong female vocalist like Pink should make for some really strong songs, which could go in any direction style wise.

Brandy is one of those artists whom can work with anybody and bring the hotness, which is what makes her a true artist. Sure, Rodney Jerkins and her had a mad chemistry, as did her and Timbaland. But she is not afraid to keep it moving and work with other producers. So I'm glad she reached out to Danja. My mind is boggling at how hot a joint between these two would sound. I want a new Brandy album now more than ever!

Some folk are sick of Danja, but I love the n***a. I'm definitely excited about the Pink and Brandy joints. I'll only get amped about his work with Britney if it becomes apparrent that she'll roll out correct and shut shit down. Britney's the chick you love to hate, but her looking hot in a music video and dropping a killer routine at an MTV award show is long overdue.


  1. I love Pink's alternative shit! I remember that weird ass video to "Just like a Pill", and I loved that song!

    Sadly I haven't heard too much else from her. You say her albums are good?


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