New music: Missy Elliott - Best best

New music: Missy Elliott - Best bestAfter the glaringly underwhelming "Ching-a-ling", Missy is back with her first single from her seventh studio album. It's titled "Best best" and it's produced by Danja. It isn't as left field as Missy usually comes for her lead singles, but it's typical Missy: a hot beat, overtly sexual lyrics and the orgasmic groaning from start to finish.

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Danja is definitely doing the damn thing right now. Everybody is wanting his joints to be put out as lead singles. I can't get enough of these dark synthy numbers, even though they be over saturating the game completely right now.

"Best best" is definitely one for the clubs. When this drops on the floor, ladies will be grinding it down and dudes will be two steppin'. The chorus is hotness and I love the beatswitch at the 3:46 mark. It's a shame it doesn't go on for longer. The Beyoncé line had me laughing too. As soon as I heard the line "He my...fiancée" I just knew Missy was going to rhyme it with Beyoncé.

I'm really digging this song. Much more so than "Ching ching" and "Shake your pom pom". It'll be interesting to see how well this song does on the charts when it releases and I cannot wait to see the video Missy does for it.


  1. It's one of those songs I'll like better when I see the video. Missy's videos are so ridiculous and hot, it should make it better.

  2. The song is Fire...

    LMAO @

    "As soon as I heard the line "He my...fiancée" I just knew Missy was going to rhyme it with Beyoncé."


    She always brought the name "beyoncé" on certain joints of hers.

  3. ThE "Call me Dreamgirl...Beyoncé" line has me laughing everytime. If she matches the a moment in the music video to that line in a comical fashion, I might just die. I have an image in my head of Missy in a sequin dress and a blonde 60's weave. *LOL*


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