Janet Jackson's reality show on MTV

Janet to star in her MTV reality show for the next big thing...Janet is set to star in an MTV reality show in a bid to find the next star. Would any of the potentials even bother taking advice from Janet now, given how her last 3 albums have bombed so badly!? She needs to do her own reality show that chronicles her trying to get her shit back on track. F**k helping other people. She needs to help herself!!

There's no confirmation on what the winner will get out of the show. But given Janet Jackson's choreographer Gil Dilduado is behind the show's concept and is listed as an executive producer - it's possible the winning prize could be tied somehow to Janet's forthcoming Rock witchu tour. I also heard that the winner will have to sign a contract that states them and 6 other people have to buy 2 copies of Discipline in a bid to keep it in the charts - but it could be a lie.

It's good that MTV are no longer black balling Janet over the Super bowl 'Titty gate'. But they may as well have continued to. It's not like having her videos air on the channel, her appearances on TRL all the rest of it has helped her sales.


  1. Now you know that was wrong of you to post that pic of Janet, LOL!!!


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