Kelly Rowland @ the Tommy Hilfiger sessions, Berlin

I don't why Kelly is even bothering to perform and promote shit when her album is already in bargain bins and at the bottom of charts. She should've been doing all of these performances and hitting up these spots a year ago. But she keeps staying on her grind...wasting her time. A real shame, because Kelly did a hot set at a Tommy Hilfiger session in Berlin recently.

Probably a bunch of her most solid performances. Her energy was up and her voice didn't waver how it usually does when she's jumping around trying to sing songs. Good on her! The audience were rubbish though. Kelly was giving her all and they were just nodding their heads, looking disinterested. I'm assuming they were part of the masses who passed on her CD.

It really is a shame her album didn't take off, as I throughly enjoyed the original Ms. Kelly issue. I still play it now. "Flashback" and "Better without you" never get old for me.


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