Mariah Carey live on SMAPxSMAP

I always like when artists perform on SMAPxSMAP because the sets always look fly. Plus, sometimes members of SMAP will perform with the guest artists and f**k up their songs - which is always fun. Though given Mariah's catastrophic renditions of "Touch my body" over the past 6 months, they can't make her shit any worse.

Mariah needs to step her shit up. I can't believe how weak her live performances are these days. She's never been the strongest live performer, but DAMN! It's like her feet are glued to same spot. Did she even move!? If she did I must've blinked and missed it. The jury is out on whether that last "C'mon and give me what I deserve!!" line was live or not - but it sounded pre-recorded to me. It doesn't stop there though. Because Mariah also butchered her classic "Hero". As if her vocals weren't shaky enough, SMAP decided to run the shit into the ground with their dead pan backing vocals.

She was ducking out of the big notes and wasn't even sly about it. Plus, it sounded like she was having trouble keeping up with the track at the beginning. I've been wanting Mariah to perform one of my faves "Never too far" ever since recovering from her breakdown. But if she can't nail "Hero" or a song like "Touch my body", bitch has no chance with "Never too far". At least Mariah looked hot. She's been looking better than she ever has before over the course of her E=MC² promotion. Plus, at least she's performing and promoting her shit - which is more than what can be said for the likes of Janet Jackson. I damn near forgot she released a new album earlier this year.


  1. The "Touch My Body" performance was pathetic, but those dudes behind her had me DYING! LOL!

    And what the hell?! Why are these dudes singing most of the damn song on Hero? Regardless, she was terrible. I can't even be nice, she sounded God-awful! Especially at the 2:39 mark. She wouldn't even make it past auditions on American Idol sounding like this.

  2. "Touch my body" was just a mess. And SMAP didn't help. I didn't think shit could get much worse, but then I saw "Hero" and had to throw my hands up in disbelief. She needs to be training up her voice and rehearsing. It's no good if she can pull it out of the bag during studio sessions, but can't do the simplest of songs live. "Hero" is a big ballad, but it's not her biggest and many other chicks with vocals could do the song as well as Mariah on her best day. Beyoncé comes to mind. She could belt "Hero" out with a chest infection, a sore throat and her arse parked in a wheelchair.

    I can't believe after 20 odd years in the game that she STILL hasn't tried to fix up her stage prescence. Mariah didn't move at ALL during those performances. Not even a strut up and down the stage.

  3. Didn't she used to sing live pretty well though way back in the day? I know she used to sound much better than this!

    And I agree. There are a number of women right now that could have done miles better than this, and that's quite sad considering Mariah has been toted as one of the best singers ever.

    And about her not moving, she looked scared and awkward just standing there. The dudes from SMAP were a least moving, lol.

  4. Mariah was able to do "Hero" back in the day - but even her best performance of it wasn't amazing. She's always been a really awkward live performer. Even in her prime she wasn't brilliant. She just doesn't seem to take to the stage well.

  5. Mariah is below par but those smap guys suck big time, but you know what, it was fun to watch


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