Mariah loves long time at the VMA's Japan '08

Watching a Mariah performance these days requires a disclaimer, because she has not been bringing it with her performances as of late. But this one I'm about to share with you is actually really good. So fear not and proceed to watch Mariah's first ever performance of "I'll be lovin' U long time" at the MTV VMA's Japan.

She sounded pretty hot and looked it too. That shit was a heck of alot better than the train wreck performances Mariah's been dropping like bombs over the past 4 months. I do wish she'd dance though. Just a little shimmy, a Harlem shake or something; because she is so boring to watch.

"I'll be lovin' U long time" will be the third single to be released off of E=MC². I'm stoked that this is going to be a single, because it's the song I play most off of E=MC² and one of my fave Mariah jams. Everything about it is fine tuned to perfection. The chorus is absolute crack and Mariah sounds great on it. A solid single choice for the Summer.

The music video will be shot in Hawaii over the upcoming week by Chris Applebaum (Rihanna's "Umbrella", Mary J. Blige's "Just fine"). I stay hopefully for a hot and original video - but this is Mariah we're dealing with. If home girl is going to Hawaii to shoot a video, then you know it's going to be 3 minutes of her in a bikini and stiletto heels on a beach with a nuclear powered wind machine blowing her hair and CGI generated Butterflies fluttering around her.


  1. YES! That shit made me smile right there! It's fitting that the best song on the album gets one of her best performances in a LONG time.

    And those high notes at the end were ridiculous!

  2. Hey Random, I got some news for you man about janet(not promoting and stuff) I think It would be interisting to post that: here's the link:

  3. If that's true, it would be all too sad. I was hoping Janet could release "LUV" as her next single. Talk about summer jam!

  4. I've watched this thing so many damn times now! I just love this song and it's refreshing to see her singing live WELL!


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