Melody of the Pussycat dolls...actually singing!

And this girl doesn't get any lead spots or verses on songs because, why!? Melody has range and power, but something about her voice irks me. And the song she was singing didn't help the cause - because I can't stand the song "Hurt". It's just 5 minutes of over singing. I couldn't even watch that whole video because it just irritated me after a while. But despite that, you can obviously tell Melody can sing.

Melody has a decent range - a much greater one than Nicole. But you can understand why Nicole was made the lead doll. Aside from having that exotic look and that of a leading lady, her voice is sulty, sassy and very radio friendly. But I do think it's a shame that a girl who can clearly hold a tune isn't getting more air time aside from the odd ab-lib towards the end of songs. We'll see how it goes down on the Pussycat dolls forthcoming album and if the other girls get any time on the mic.

Thanks alot to J over at for his e-mail informing me of this video!


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