Michelle Williams' 'Unexpected' album cover

Michelle Williams' 'Unexpected' album coverMichelle isn't messing around this time around. She is working that new hair style and for the first time ever she looks 100% confident. She usually looks like a cat caught in headlights and uncomfortable; but this album image oozes confidence, as did she in her music video for "Break the dawn".

Unexpected is slated for an August 12 release date and is said by Michelle herself to be wholly uptempo, with only 2 ballads. I bought Michelle's first 2 albums and enjoyed them, so I'll be copping her third without a second thought. I still think she should've called her album Tenitra. Just to make a statement.

I still think it's whack that Mathew Knowles made her roll out as Michelle Williams and not Tenitra Williams (her real name). At least if you were to Google Tenitra Williams you'd know you would only get her. Google Michelle Williams and you get that blonde haired chick from Dawson's creek coming up. Not a good look.


  1. She's fine, but she's too skinny.

    And your girl's got a tat! Nice!


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