Music video: Crystal Kay - Namida no saki ni

I absolutely love the song, but think the video is rubbish. It's identical to her video for "Konna ni chikaku de" - with the doll, hotel room, rubbish dancing and overall mediocrity. Crystal's music videos are always shit anyway, so I guess it's a business as usual affair. This kind of song should've had a 1960's Nancy Sinatra-esque "These boots are made for walking" feel about it, with a modern twist. Kinda like Beyoncé's "Get me bodied" music video - but in an outdoor sunshiney, palm tree setting. The only thing I'll give Crystal in this video (aside from the obvious 'slam-slam') is that she looked really nice. (Home girl made love to me with those eyes at the 3 minute and 40 second mark). But she should've been rocking the ponytail and short dress look from the start. How could they have her look that fine more than halfway through the video!?

"Namida no saki ni" is a great lead single to kick off the inevitable forthcoming album. I was not expecting Crystal to roll out with such a rock orientated song, as it's miles away from what she's done before - but it works for her. Even if it does sound identical to the Sugababes' UK hit single "About you now". No word on her new album, but I'm more than certain we'll see it by the end of the year. "Namida no saki ni" is released on June 11.

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  1. Ooooh, that video was terrible. But I can appreciate the little "Thriller" move at the 2:40 mark. And you were right about the eyes at the end...DAMN!

    Who was the dude who pulled the mask off? Was that supposed to be some sort of surprise or something?

    Oh and btw, I like the song. It's damn catchy!


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