Music video: Kumi Koda featuring Fergie - That ain't cool

J-Pop ho Kumi Koda has teamed up with the Black eyed peas leading lady Fergie for her new single "That ain't cool", which features as one of 4 new songs on her 40th single release "Moon".

I'm digging the video. It's simple, but it works. The scenes of Kumi and Fergie standing with their backs to one another were especially hot. It's a shame there were no choreographed dance sequences, as Fergie and Kumi can both move - but the video didn't feel incredibly lacking without it.

The song is whack though. It's way too repetetive. Between the triangle and the chorus, the whole thing was giving me a headache. The song was more like Kumi Koda featuring Fergie. Fergie got the Lion's share of the video screentime and the vocals. Kumi Koda's English stays iffy though. You'd think after 5 years of attempting to sing songs in English that she'd either improved or taken a class - but nope. Kumi should also never ask a guy "Did you really think that I was really that easy?" because the answer will always be "Yes!" You can't act a skank in your music videos and not expect a guy to answer "Yes!" to that.


  1. The song isn't that terrible, but it would definitely start to work my nerves on multiple listens.

    And Kumi's a little vixen!


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