Music video: The Pussycat dolls - When I grow up

The video didn't do much for me. I thought it was boring, just like the song. I don't know why the other chicks were bothering to mime in the video, when everybody knows ain't none of them contributing vocals to the song. The girls looked alright, but they've look hotter in past videos ("Buttons" comes immediately to mind!) A couple of the dolls looked like trannies. Some of their faces looked like panda's they had so much eye make up on. I'm also tired of Nicole. After watching the bitch try and salvage the wreckage that was her solo career and not dance as good as the other girls at live performances, I was hoping to get more shots of the other girls. But the camera man stayed focused on Nicole. I guess it's to be expected. The other girls are just back up dancer after all.

It eludes me completely how Nicole was unable to drop a song like this whilst she was trying to get her solo career off of the ground.


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