Pharrell makes Madonna cry

Madonna: N***a, you can't talk to me like that! *sniffle*Whilst Pharrell was working on a song with Madonna for her Hard candy album, he got frustrated with her inability to sing in a particular way, and as a result he got into a bit of an arguement with Madonna and he made her cry. ACTUALLY cry. REAL tears. You gotta hand it to Pharrell. Not only has he worked with Madonna and given her some hot songs, but he's made her cry! I didn't think he bitch had it in her. I was beginning to believe Madonna might have died 12 years ago and we've had a clone or an Android since Ray of light.

"I was singing and I didn’t understand the rhythm that he wanted me to sing in," said Madonna, "and he was kind of giving me a hard time and I was sort of taken aback by the way he was talking to me, so I said 'You know what? we need to talk.'"

She adds, "We went upstairs and I said, 'You can't talk to me like that,' and burst into tears. And he said, 'Oh my god, Madonna has a heart!' I started crying even more, and we had it out.
I wonder what song it was that the two have them had their spat over. I bet it was "Incredible", because Madonna's flow on that who song is speedy and pretty different for her. It's not difficult to sing along to at all, but this is Madonna we're talking about. She likes songs that have her singing slow and controlled like a robot. "Incredible" has that funk and bounce and Madonna lost that a decade ago. Hence why I think she died around then and was replaced.


  1. Must've been a great moment.

  2. I read that on some newspaper in france, but didin't beleive, and still dont, lool sorry!

    Are you sure about that J? did she actually admit that she cried?

  3. I added Madonna's quote to the post.

    Pharrell must've pissed her RIGHT off to make her cry. He must've dissed her voice, her family, claimed she kidnapped that black baby from Malawi and slapped her in the face - because I thought Madonna was more thick skinned. I couldn't imagine her crying over a producer getting frustrated with her. But then again, Pharrell looks like the type who can be intimidating. Even to the likes of Madonna. And he definitely tamed her ass on his productions on Hard candy.


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