What Brandy track is this!?

I don't know what song that was, but if Brandy recorded the whole of it, I'm hoping it leaks like piss. The song sounds HOT! How could this not have ended up on her Full moon album!?

It's a damn shame Brandy and Robert Smith don't still get along and have a working relationship, because that dude was good for her musically and never steered her wrong. Every joint he did with her was fire. His contributions to her Full moon album were my faves, every song they wrote together for other artists were hot and all of Brandy's Robert 'Big Bert' Smith productions that went unreleased ("This must be love", "Doesn't really matter", "Feel so good" and "Escape") were bangin' too.

Serves Brandy right though. She did treat the dude like shit. Those of you who watched Brandy's special delivery on MTV know what I'm talkin' about. He should've dumped the bitch sooner.


  1. I don't really like it. It's just a bunch of mumbling over a beat that could or couldn't be hot. I can't really tell since the quality isn't very good.

    But I'm down for anything with Brandy.

  2. You must be deaf if you deem what Brandy did over that beat "mumbling".

  3. The shit is bad quality...I couldn't hear a damn thing she was saying!

  4. Hey J, I have a BIG favor to ask you man...lol...I need those unrelease tracks of brandy.I cannot find them on limewire..(I dont know were to download them)

    the tracs Im looking for are:

    "What have you done 4 me"

    "Doesn't really matter"

    "feel so good"


    U can add "this must be love" also..

    I would Really apreciate it if u can give me a link or something!

    thanx man!

  5. *gives a sly smile* I'll see what I can do for ya.


  6. THANK YOUUUUUU budy :-) I'll be waiting for them

    that shit was hot as hell
    wish she could bring that hotness back, the real RnB instead of that shit that people like chris brown (except dancing, he's completely talentless) comes out with

    i liked her FULL MOON album, actually FULL MOON is one of my fav.songs ever!!

  8. Her Full moon album was the absolute shit. So many potential singles, but the album just tailed off without a trace. I LOVED the track "I thought". Brandy killed it vocally. She stepped her vocal game in a big way, because listening to Never say never I never would've thought Brandy could bring it how she did on that song.


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